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If you're looking for something extra special and personal for your mum this mothers day then look no further than The Book of Mum.

It's a book all about your mum.  Its super fast and easy to create.  You simply just put your mum's name and date of birth in and who the book is from and voila your book is created. The book is full of interesting statistics and fun little facts about what was happening in the world when your mum was born, what song was number one, how much a pint of milk was, popular television shows etc.  You can also personalise the book with your own pictures and messages and even pick the colour of the cover my mum's favourite colour is green and this was such a beautiful vibrant shade and the pink text is a lovely pop of colour. 

I must say I'm really impressed with this book and can't wait to give it to my mum, it beats my usual gift of flowers.  The quality is great, the book is almost soft in texture and its just a really great idea.  

So check out The Book of Everyone website and create your own personalised book (they are free to preview before you buy) they are available in digital form, softcover express, hard back deluxe edition. My version is hardback. I only wish I had known about The Book of  Everyone sooner as it would have been a great gift for all of my friends who turned 30 last year!

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  1. hi, Sam,
    First, I saw ur changing pic from Instagram. "before and after pic"
    U did really good. and look good with ur family.

    This blog, what font and font size?

    hope, good day!


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