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I hope you all had wonderful weekends. Mine was pretty awesome, spent mostly outdoors in the beautiful sunshine and the good news is I managed to tick everything off my list from my previous post.

After my morning workout I picked up my food shopping and got back just in time to see the eclipse, well I didn't exactly see it as I had nothing to view it through but I saw it go a little bit darker  I spent the day getting the house nice and clean for the weekend. I got Fletcher's ball pool out of the shed and he had hours of fun playing in there whilst I sorted my laundry!  I also managed to cut the grass and wash the car so it was a pretty productive day. We then got cosy on the sofa with some popcorn and watched Maleficent which we both enjoyed! 

The weather was superb so after breakfast I packed some sarnies and we set off to Devoran for a picnic by the sea and a little bike ride. We picked our spot by the waters edge and got ready to enjoy our picnic when suddenly this gigantic bird started hurtling towards us, it showed no signs of slowing down and flew right into Dylan. It then continued to taunt us by hissing and squacking at us and when it tried to attack Dylan again we decided that was our cue to leave. No joke this bird literally chased us back to our car! At first we thought it was a swan but after some research it looks like it was Canadian goose. We then found a lovely spot next to a stream where there were no geese and finally enjoyed our  picnic. Fletcher then had a blast riding his bike along the bike trail, it was so warm that I actually didn't even need to wear a coat.

My lie in day! I got up, had my breakfast, did my workout, showered and put on a hair mask.  After lunch we took Fletcher to the park and then took Maisy for a walk through some daffodil fields just up the road from where we live. Both Fletcher and Maisy loved running up and down endless rows of daffodils. We then finished the day off with Sunday roast at my parents house followed by a Lush bath, fresh PJ's, a ton of moisturiser, fresh sheets and a good read of my book.

Back to the grindstone now!

Keep Smiling

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  1. Sounds like a dreamy weekend! Also, squacking is the best word ever! x


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