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I'm trying to make my weekend snippets a regular thing so without further ado this is how my Easter weekend looked.
1. Putting the Easter Tree up, I do this every year and this year I painted my twigs white. 2-4. Making Toblerone Cheesecake  
5-10. Murder Mystery party -We figured out that this was about our 6th murder mystery that we have done now. We always have the most fun.  Each of us make a course (I was in charge of dessert hence the toblerone cheesecake) and we just have the best time playing our characters.  Please note the cigarette is not real.
11. A lot of hot cross bun consumption.  12. Clean home, clean mind.  13. Cherry blossom looking beautiful in my garden.  14.  Fletcher really enjoying carrot cake at my parents house.
15. A thoughtful gift from Fletcher's Auntie Laura, always making our lives easier.  We really do appreciate these small gestures. 16. Beach day.  17. Having the beach pretty much to yourself (I love you Cornwall).  18. Wearing my crab trousers (they are from H&M btw)
19. Not a single cloud in the sky.  20. Chasing massive bubbles in the garden.  21-23. An impromptu BBQ
 24&25. Making s'mores Brit style with McVities digestives.  26. A Lush candy mountain bubble bath.

This weekend was PERFECT.  I can't explain how happy spending time with my family and friends makes me.  I wish every weekend was a long weekend.  I hope you all had lovely weekends with your loved ones and ate lots of easter eggs.  We decided to not bother with Easter eggs at all this year, purely because Dylan and I take forever to eat chocolate in our house and with Fletcher being diabetic we didn't want to make a big deal about it.  So we just got a couple of small Easter chocolates for him to have after his dinner.

Keep Smiling


  1. This was a lovely post it sounds like you had a lovely weekend. I do love our murder mystery nights it is always so much fun and its fun to dress up. X

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