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Did everyone have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend? Its a shame the weather wasnt better really but isn't that always the way, as soon as you get a few days off work the rain comes.  Its OK though because the next Bank Holiday I will be off to Greece.

Freshly cut grass\\Chilli Con Carne
A hilarious evening playing games with my girl friends.  Cards against humanity is all kinds of wrong but is so good.  We had such a laugh.
Baked the cookies from Vivianna Does Makeup Blog (recipe) they are the BEST cookies ever and are so easy and quick to make.

Chorizo burgers with salt and pepper fries\\Treating Fletcher to a Scalextric (hours of fun)\\Cleaning my house from top to bottom (I love the smell of cleaning products)
Bought some new little succulents & cactus plants from Homebase\\Playing my piano\\A smoothing hair mask\\Fresh sheets in a clean bedroom\\A lush bath with my favourite Blackberry bath bomb\\Finishing my book and started another.

Not pictured - A workout\A 40th birthday party\Roast dinner\A movie (Pompeii, it was good but the ending bugged me)A lie-in\A cheeky Topshop order (shhh don't tell Dylan)\an early night all ready for work. 

Keep Smiling

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