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Its Sunday night.  I've usually had my bath by now, have a face mask on and am getting myself all ready for the following day.  But instead i'm sat at my computer writing down my thoughts.

I've had a really lovely weekend (more on that on my post tomorrow) but something struck a chord with me on Saturday.  I went to a children's birthday party, something that I would have found a completley normal activity this time last year.  This year however, Fletcher has Type 1 Diabetes and it is a totally different ball game.  As soon as the invite went out I felt dread and a million thoughts swirled through my mind.  Will there be food? what kind of food will it be? will I be able to work out how many carbs are in it? What time will they be eating?What the hell should I do if he's offered sweets?

Kids parties and buffets are my worst nightmare!  But the stupid thing is, I got myself so worked up but Fletcher was an absolute angel.  He played so nicely with the other children, he knew not to help himself to the food, I managed to work out his carbs (it took a little while and a lot of guess work) and he had a really great time. I just wish I could have relaxed a little more.

An hour or so after the children had eaten they brought out the ice cream and that was my cue to go.  That's the problem with diabetes you see, you can't monitor your blood glucose properly if you just eat what you want when you want.  Insulin takes 2-3 hours to take effect in the body.  I felt an overwhelming feeling of sadness for Fletcher as all the other children ran around enjoying their ice cream. It was at that point that I decided we needed to go.

On the way home, I promised Fletcher that we would have ice cream for dessert.  He was sat in his car seat super excited about his party bag and pulled out a packet of exploding candy and exclaimed "Mummy they put sugar in here for when I have a hypo" well that set me off!  My sweet innocent little child, thank the lord I got a good one.

Keep Smiling


  1. Oh Sam I really wish you didn't have to go through this all the time. But as I have said before you are doing such an amazing job and Fletcher still leads a normal happy life and that's all down to you and Dylan. Fletcher is a little star a real credit to you both. Keep your chin up your amazing. 😘

    1. P.s Fletcher comment about the sugar did make me laugh bless him he is so innocent. Xx


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