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I can't believe I've been back from Greece for nearly 2 weeks. We had such an amazing time and the hotel was just WOW!  My sister did all the research and booked the hotel for her family, my parents and her in-laws WAY in advance.  We originally hadn't even planned to go with them but then circumstances changed (Fletcher got diagnosed with diabetes, and we decided we deserved a break) and we gatecrashed their holiday.  I'm so glad we did because it is just so wonderful going on holiday with your whole family HELLO BABYSITTERS! I actually had time to lie on a sun lounger, relax and read a whole book and a half.  It was pure bliss.

So lets get onto the hotel then.  We stayed at The Bay Hotel & Suites in Vassilikos, Zakynthos and booked through Thomson Holidays .  The hotel is basically in the middle of nowhere, so very quiet and relaxing.  The style is very modern/retro minimalist (right up my street) and its set on its own private beach.  It has a pool and children's pool with the comfiest squishiest sun loungers, a gym, a spa, tennis courts, a brilliant children's playground, which Fletcher really enjoyed and evening entertainment on most nights.

What stood out the most at this hotel though was the food and the amazing staff.  We were half board and every morning they would have the most amazing choice for breakfast.  The porridge was extra creamy and one day they did crepes with chocolate sauce, banana and biscuit crumbs, they were incredible. I've actually bought some chocolate sauce to try and recreate them :-) The evening meal options were fantastic, every evening they had something completely different apart from your standard fries and salad which came out every night. I tried so many different meals that I normally wouldn't even think to try at home and was so surprised by how much I loved everything.  And I don't know where to start with the puddings, everything was amazing.  Every night I had Ravani cake which is a traditional Greek dessert which I had never heard of but OMG you guys it is totally increds and I am totally finding a recipe for this online and making it myself. Also I just want to mention that the staff were so hot on food hygiene.  There was one evening when I noticed a fly had made its way into the restaurant and landed on one of the buffet dishes and one of the catering staff swooped straight in and started scooping away the area that the fly had landed on and discarded it.

The staff were so friendly, helpful and courteous.  The Assistant Manager was insanely good looking.  The grounds were constantly being maintained by gardeners. I had the most incredible hour long massage in the spa on one of the days when it was a little overcast.

As for things to do around the resort, I would suggest hiring a car if you want to explore.  There isn't a town close by but there are a couple of beaches within walking distance and a little village with a couple of shops and restaurants.  This is definitely a hotel/location for pure relaxation rather than hitting the tiles every night.

I could talk about this hotel for hours but you would probably get bored. So to round it all up, its a really great, clean, quiet hotel with lovely staff, gorgeous interior design, super comfy loungers, and the most amazing food I've ever eaten.

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