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House of Fraser are currently running a competition called The Fashion Undateables. They are calling on bloggers to offer styling tips for 2 guys that have been unlucky in love.  Read all about it here.

I picked Melvin to style using items from House of Fraser Menswear range

I like the idea of going bowling on a first date. It's fun even if you're totally rubbish and instantly gives you something to talk about rather than sitting in a cinema unable to talk (or getting popcorn stuck in your throat in my case).  Bowling alleys nearly always have a bar so if the date is going really well you can always grab a drink afterwards to get to know each other a little better.

So as the date is at a bowling alley the outfit would need to be pretty casual.  You still want to make a good impression though so it's best to try and dress a little smart for the occasion just don't go OTT.


A casual lightweight jacket is always a winner.  I love the colours and style of this one by Tommy Hilfiger 

A nice and simple white polo shirt with a little pattern to give it that something extra but not too obnoxious. The collar adds a smart touch.

Keep it simple in a nice teal shade to compliment the white polo shirt.

In navy to compliment the teal chinos

Converse because they look great on everyone, white goes with everything and they will  never go out of style.

This is very important as you will be taking your shoes off to put your sexy bowling shoes on so you don't want holes in your socks, no one wants to see your toes poking out the end of your socks on a first date.

Don't be late, get there early and look stylish all at the same time.

I love it when a man smells delicious and this aftershave is one of my favourites for men.

Beards are so popular these days but make sure its well groomed with a brush and gel, we don't want to see crumbs from your lunch in there.

Well if you're grooming your beard you should really make an effort with your hair.  Smooth a bit through your locks to add some texture.

Lastly, the most important thing to wear is a SMILE!

Keep Smiling

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