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This weekend was wonderful. It kicked off on Thursday with a train journey to London with my mum and sister for Hampton Court Flower Show. We arrived at our hotel in Kingston around 3:30pm and then took a little stroll around the town to see what Kingston had to offer. I was not expecting Kingston to be as awesome as it was. We had a great time walking around the Bentalls Centre and managed to do a little bit of shopping in the town. We finished the day off with a lovely meal in Zizzi's, a little treat from Hotel Chocolat and a fashion show of our £5 primark dresses that my sister and I bought for work!

Friday we set off for the flower show which is literally 10 minutes on the bus from Kingston. Hampton Court is MASSIVE and the palace is absolutely breathtaking.  It was such a hot day so we took it easy and gave ourselves breaks in the shade every couple of hours,stayed hydrated, lagged on the SPF 50. The show gardens were my favourite part about the flower show as they were so inspiring and made me want to dig up my garden and start all over again afresh. I also loved the Festival of Roses as there were some absolutely gorgeous roses in there. We've all decided were getting the Olivia Rose Austin from David Austin's collection, so pretty. We were so pleased to get back and rest our feet after walking around Hampton Court all day

Saturday was spent SHOPPING! (Haul to follow in my next post) we set off for Selfridges first where I picked up a MAC and Giorgio Armani purchase and also sprayed a lot of Jo Malone on myself. We also picked up a cheeky cupcake from The Hummingbird Bakery. After a few hours of shopping it was time to make our way home on the train where my sister and I had a little bit too much fun playing Jumbline. We got home at around 9pm and it's safe to say I slept like a log that night. 

I got up early and let Dylan have a lie in as he had been up at the crack of dawn with Fletcher the previous 2 nights. Once I got over my killer workout I then got showered and arranged a little afternoon tea for Fletcher's "Diaversary" I can't believe it was a year ago that he was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes and I also can't believe how far we've come in those 12 months. Fletcher is the bravest little 3 year old I know, he's had his fingers pricked at least 2555 times in the last year so that we can check his blood, CRAZY! We bought him a new bike as a gift for being so brave.

I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend. 

Keep Smiling

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