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Its been a while hasn't it!  Sorry there was no weekend snippets post last week but I literally spent the whole weekend sorting out my loft.  I read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo and got ridiculously inspired to sort my life out, starting with the loft, where I had stored all of Fletcher's old baby items (in case there was ever a baby number 2).  I had always wanted 2 children but last July when we found out Fletch was diabetic it completely changed our future and my outlook on life and at this moment in time I just can't see baby number 2 happening, but never say never, maybe i'll change my mind, but then again maybe I wont.  Nevertheless I have been going crazy tidying and sorting ever since last weekend and have so far gone through my books, my clothes, Fletcher's clothes and got rid of a ridiculous amount of stuff and sold nearly all of Fletcher's old clothes as well as giving a load to charity, it's really liberating and now I've started I can't stop.  Next on my list is to tackle the kitchen cupboards (which I will be doing this morning).  I have shared some photos on my Instagram so be sure to follow me on there to follow my progress.

Anyway this is an outfit from a good couple of weeks ago.  It would seem our summer disappeared the second the kids broke up from school, I hope this means it will return in the form of an Indian summer when the kids go back, hmmmm wishful thinking.  To be honest, Im soooo over summer now and want it to be Autumn already, staying cosy by the fire, wearing my favourite plaid scarves, hot chocs with marshies, Halloween and bonfire night, sparklers etc.

Happy Weekend Everyone
Keep Smiling

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