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Ikea purchases//Lush zuzo & cocoa//fireworks at a 40th party//crashing at said party on daddy
 Standard breakfast muesli, banana, cinnamon and coconut flakes//zipwire fun//Fletch watching//My turn
I always think a bed looks more inviting when it's unmade//Alstromeria's in my kilner jar//baking cookies
Fletcher and his best friend Isla having a blast just being kids

I didn't take enough pictures this weekend to warrant a post worthy "weekend snippets" so instead here is a mash up of my life over the last 2-3 weeks.  I'm almost there with my massive tidying/decluttering session (after reading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying) I just have 2 more cupboards to sort out and then we should be ready to do a car-boot this Sunday weather permitting of course.  

I had my interview with the college last week and start my beauty therapy course today (Monday 7th) I am insanely excited to start.  Fletcher finally got his bloods taken successfully on Thursday which I am so relieved about, I just hope they all come back normal and that we are managing his diabetes as well as we can.  I had 2 of my best friends Amy & Steph over on Friday for pizza and it was such a lovely night and just what I needed, we always have the funniest conversations and I think they are the 2 people that know me the best (other than my sister and hubby).

Dylan and his mates went to Milton Keynes on Sunday to watch the Foo Fighters so I had Fletcher all to myself and it was just perfect.  That kid never fails to make me smile.  We had to nip to Tesco to pick up some yoghurts and he insisted on carrying the basket and then out of the blue he carefully placed the basket on the ground, turned to me and said "mummy, I love you" and gave me the biggest hug and kiss in the middle of the bread aisle, my heart almost exploded in my chest!

I hope you all had lovely weekends.
Keep Smiling

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  1. I'm loving all these pics of Isla and Fletcher they are so cute together. And we really do have the best conversations on our monthly catch ups haha!!! ;) xxx


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