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Marie Kondo's book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying has been going crazy on the blogosphere recently. I bought it after it came up as a "recommended for you" on Pinterest (gotta love Pinterest for some inspiration).  After reading it I couldn't wait to get stuck into my tidying/decluttering journey. The theory behind the Kon Mari method is that if your possessions dont spark joy then you should get rid of it, that way you are only left with items that you really love and bring joy into your life.

I started with my books and boy did we have a ton of them.  Books that were passed onto us that we were undoubtedly never going to read but for some reason just held onto them, they went into a big box ready for a carboot sale/charity.  My shelves have never looked better.  I then went really crazy and sorted out my loft which had ALL of Fletcher's baby items, clothing, toys, bottle steriliser, baby monitor, you name it it was up there.  It took me 2 days to fully go through all of these bits but the end result was so worth it.  I then moved onto mine and Fletcher's clothes, shoes, accessories and again got rid of at least 2 bin bags worth. I then carefully folded each item and stored them standing upright in the drawers making it easier to see everything (genius idea) and put some scented beads in an organza bag to hang in my wardrobe and keep it smelling gorgeous.

I then moved onto the kitchen cupboards and got rid of god knows how many cups and glasses, ones with chips in, ones with branded logos on (there's only so many Carlsberg pint glasses you need) a sandwich toaster which I definitely haven't used within the last 3 years and lots more.  I was amazed at how much room I had in my cupboards after doing this.  Next on the list was make up, beauty items, nail polish, toiletries etc, all those little samples that I was saving went straight in the bin and 2 year old sun cream, yeah that went in the bin too.  After this I basically cleared out every cupboard that I laid eyes on, so my airing cupboard, the chest of drawers in the lounge, Fletcher's bookshelf, the chest of drawers in the spare room, I couldn't stop, it was so cathartic.  I literally have 2 more cupboards to sort through and my whole house will be completely decluttered and only filled with things that I truly love.

It's taken just over a month to sort through all of the above and I'm not quite finished yet but its amazing how much calmer I already feel knowing that all that STUFF is gone.  I've donated a lot of bits to charity and we've got boxes of things put to one side for a carboot sale, anything that we don't sell will also go to charity.  I can't recommend this book enough, it quite literally is life changing.

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