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Apples from our apple tree (Dylan reckons he's making cider)//Enchiladas because they are Dylan's fave//A cosy night in listening to the rain hitting the window pane//outfit details, stripes ftw
A really REALLY lovely afternoon spent with my family at Godolphin which is a National Trust site but they had a free open day so we took full advantage of this. We had lunch in the sunshine, a ladybird fell in love with me, we saw thousands of crickets, had a walk around the gardens, admired the flowers and then walked to the top of Godolphin Hill where the 360 degree views where phenomenal.  It was pretty special and I just love spending time with my family.  I think its my favourite thing ever.
Mmmmm comfort food//painting Fletcher's room (goodbye green, it just wasn't working out) I have so many plans for his room, If only I didn't have massive student fees to pay

Not pictured - going to the dentist//more decluttering around the house//working out//watching the film The Guest (it was good) washing & hoovering my car//curry night.

As always I hope you had wonderful weekends.  Until next time.....
Keep Smiling

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