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Flare Jeans-Gap(similar)//Shirt-Mango old(similar style)//Booties-Nine West old

So guys, how do we all feel about flares? Should they stay in the 70's?  I'm not sure i'll ever be ready to let go of my skinny jeans and i'm not sure i'm 100% sold on the whole flare vibe if i'm totally honest but the powers of Polyvore told me that flares were making a bit of a comeback and I remembered that I randomly had a pair (from Gap about 5 years ago) which were actually in my car boot sale pile so I dug them back out and whipped them on...............and do you know what, I kinda like them.  Skinny jeans will always be my number one though but hey maybe from time to time I will throw a bit of 70's into my style.

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