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Brogues-Schuh//Trousers-Topshop//Top-H&M//Jacket-Zara//Scarf-Dorothy Perkins 

We watched Kingsman a couple of weeks ago (hence the title of this post) although you might notice that I'm actually wearing Brogues not Oxfords (brogues have detailing on them, Oxfords don't).  I could do with a black pair really as I live in brogues.  The film was SO good, I urge everyone to watch it, it was actually nice to see Colin Firth play a completely different role to his usual.

I'm so glad the weekend is here.  I plan to de-stress completely this weekend.  Last weekend was busy with college and I've had the week from hell in work which resulted in a migraine, restless sleep and increased stress levels.  Why anyone would want to work for the NHS I don't know, the only thing keeping me there is the money, but the second i'm qualified as a Beauty Therapist i'm outta there. So this weekend its all about lie-ins, family fun, date night, relaxation, painting my nails, getting some fresh air and just generally slowing down.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend
Keep Smiling


  1. Great post. I loved Kingsman when I saw it a few weeks ago! Thanks for clearing up the oxfords/brogues confusion, i've been wondering about that haha x


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