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Wella SP Luxe Oil
I was running a bit low on my faithful Moroccan oil and decided to give a cheaper alternative a go. I'm so glad I did because this stuff is fantastic. Does exactly what I expected it to and I'm left with smooth, glossy locks.  It smells like heaven and is cheaper than Moroccan oil and you get a lot more product for that cheaper price too. I think I'm converted. 

LOVING this shampoo and conditioner. I'm pretty lazy with my hair really. I only wash it twice a week and if I'm being totally honest I probably only brush it twice a week too! This combo seems to work with my hair brilliantly and keeps it looking clean for up to 4 days (I sound minging, I know) 

Oh my goodness this feels like silk and smells dreamy, just like the moringa cleansing balm. I've been enjoying applying this every morning before my moisturiser. It makes my face feel ace! Its pricey at £59 but I actually managed to get it free with a promotion that Emma Hardie was running online.

These are amazing little beads of beautifulness that make your washing smell fab. You just chuck em straight into your washing machine or what I like to do is fill little bags of them and hang them up in my wardrobe to keep my clothes smelling fresh. 

This is such a beautiful rich red lipstick. I blame this purchase entirely on Zoella, I'm so influenced by YouTubers!!.  Perfect for Autumn and nights out. 

I actually bought this shirt last year but I've been wearing it to death throughout September and all summer actually. 

I have no idea why I took so long to join the backpack party. Evenly distributed weight across the shoulders and large enough to house all of my crap what's not to love.

Gold Heart Necklace 
This was a present from a great aunt when I was a baby, so that puts it at about 31 years old!!  My mum found it recently and gave it to me and I literally haven't taken it off since.  Its so delicate and simple which is just perfect.


Great British Bake Off - I love this programme so much. I have college on Wednesday evenings so I'm forever catching up on this programme every week.

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