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It's been a while since I've done a haul post, mainly because I have no money being a student and any "spare" money that I do have generally gets spent on Fletch or the home.  But it was my birthday last week and as I was given some spending money I obviously decided I needed to spend it all immediately.....which I did in Topshop & Primark.

I was pretty impressed with Primark's selection of jumpers, the navy one was only £8, the stripey one was £12 and the Rudolph one was actually from the kids section at £9 (the perks of being petite and flat chested).  The jeggings are the nicest fit ever and cost a mere £6.50.  This was the last scarf in this design and I couldn't leave it there at £7 and the shoes have had mixed reactions from my friends, I personally think they are totally awesome and they were half price at £5 and are quite literally the comfiest things I have ever slipped my feet into (apart from my sheepskin slippers).

Moving onto Topshop - I picked up standard Jamie destroyed jeans (£42) pretty sure everyone and their mum has these, a gorgeous embroidered top (£24) and a little scalloped black skirt (£26).

Have a wonderful weekend you beautiful lot.

Keep Smiling

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