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I hope everyone enjoyed celebrating Halloween this weekend.  We celebrated Halloween slightly different due to having a little one with diabetes, he only ever has sweets when he needs them (due to low blood glucose levels) so instead we stayed in, brought the duvet down to the front room, had pizza in front of the TV whilst we watched Toy Story of Terror and do you know what, we all had the best time ever.   We had tons of trick or treater's and Fletch had so much fun dishing out the treats to everyone in his little Dracula costume.

Friday night we went to a murder mystery party at my sister's house.  It was SO FUN, I haven't laughed that much in a long time.  My friend Amy was the murderer.  It was a really lovely evening spent with really lovely people and we had such a laugh taking stupid pictures like the one above.  Sunday was such a warm day, it reached highs of 17 degrees in Cornwall...........hello its November.  We took a nice stroll through the woodland of Burncoose Garden's and went on a little nature trail looking for different types of leaves, flowers,mushrooms, twigs and wildlife.  Fletcher thought it was brilliant and we managed to tick off lots of items on his nature trail activity sheet.  We finished the weekend off with roast at my parents house.  I then jumped into my fresh bedding and listened to a mindfulness meditation app.......(anyone else have trouble sleeping on Sundays).

Keep Smiling

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