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Jamie Jeans - Topshop//Navy Jumper, Shoes and Scarf all Primark


1. TOPSHOP JAMIE JEANS - I'm converted.  I have always been a hipster loving kinda gal but these high waisted beauties have won me over.  They suck in the tum beautifully, I would love to know why you have to pay more to have rips though please Toppers.

2. CHRISTMAS- Its literally everywhere isn't it.  I love scrolling through my Instagram feed and seeing everyones festive pictures.  We're picking up our first REAL tree today and I can't wait to get all my new copper decs on it and for my house to smell like fresh pine.

3. SHOPPING- I went Christmas Shopping in Bristol last weekend with my girlfriends and it turns out I'm pretty good at buying presents................for myself.

4. WAXING- So..... I've NEVER had my legs waxed before, until 2 weeks ago when we HAD to do it in college.  Gotta be honest, that first strip when she ripped the hairs out hurt like hell and I wasn't sure if I could carry on, but then it got a lot better and here I am 2 weeks later and I still have minimal hair growth.  Last week was bikini wax, I volunteered to be the model (I must be mad) but i'm really not a prude and it was completely fine and then this week it was underarm.  I don't think I'll ever shave again.

5. MY HAIR - Its growing guys!!!  This makes me very happy

6. FLETCHER'S FIRST NATIVITY - OMG this was just so cute.  Fletcher played a Shepherd and was definitely the best Shepherd I have ever seen.  He nailed it.

7. TIME OFF- Husband has a couple of days off work this week and its just been really lovely to spend that extra time with him (and to have an extra lie in)............OK its all about the lie in really


1. DIABETES- Wednesday was shit!  Literally from start to finish.  Fletcher has been so poorly this week and without going into too much detail he very nearly had to be admitted to hospital due to his diabetes (ketones are a bitch) something as little as having a cold sends his blood sugars sky high.  Luckily we managed to get control of things and he is absolutely fine. 

2. WORK- I hate my job and that's all I have to say on the matter really.  Thank god I'm studying to be a beauty therapist.

3. DRY SKIN - Arrrrggghhh my skin literally feels like its cracking. I've been lathering myself in Aveeno as its the best thing since sliced bread.

4. EYE BAGS - I really need to make more of an effort to get to bed early.  I'm going to make a conscious effort to get to bed for 10pm on nights in (as recommended by Millie Mackintosh in her book!)

Keep Smiling

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  1. Sorry to hear about Fletcher's ordeal! you're a strong mama and he's lucky to have you...
    Regarding waxing, there are so many options out there and I really don't wanna buy the wrong products. Could you please share with us which ones you recommend for a newbie? thanks!


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