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We picked up our REAL Christmas tree on Friday (I had been waiting for this day since the 1st December!).  It took us a while to actually find our tree and then once we found it we swiftly decided that we didn't like it anymore and wanted a different one.  About 30 minutes later we found "the one" and a very lovely gentleman came along with his saw and chopped it down for us and then helped us net it.  I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process of getting a real tree and don't think I will ever go back to artificial. I also managed to pick up a rather large amount of Eucalyptus to scatter in random places in my home, I also decided that im going to add Eucalyptus when I wrap my presents.  I'm really into my greenery at the moment.

Once the tree was home I stuck The Muppets Chrismas Carol DVD on and we got straight to work getting all our new copper themed decs on and I think this is literally the best looking tree I've ever had.

CHRISTMAS......It really is the most wonderful time of the year.

Keep Smiling

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