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It's finally Wednesday evening, my favourite time of the week.  I only work 3 days but its most definitely enough.  I live for the weekend, I always have, which is sad really because i'm literally wishing my life away but I just love being home.  
Wednesday's are always so busy in work.  The hours just seem to fly by and before I know it I have 30 minutes left to do a task that will take 2 hours! I also had beauty school this evening and got to grips with waxing, I'm feeling really confident with my leg wax now and a wax pot is certainly going on my wish list (valentines present perhaps haha). I don't think i'll ever shave again, i'm totally converted and dedicated to waxing now, plus it saves so much time in the shower in the mornings so i'm saving water too. Win Win.

Well its getting late, I've just finished my last swig of Horlicks and I really just want to crawl into bed and sleep through the rest of winter.  I'm so over feeling cold all the time! I've got to be up early too because my new dining table is being delivered between 7am-9am.........yeah thanks a bunch for that!!

Keep Smiling

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