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I follow a few people that gave alphabet dating a go last year and I was reminded about it recently via good old social media.  I think it is a brilliant idea to ensure you make time with your loved one and I really want to give it a go this year. One of my resolutions is to make the most of my time with Dylan and I think this is the perfect way to make sure that happens.   Check out THIS article that cosmo did on it last year.

So there are 26 letters of the alphabet and 52 weeks in the year so we need to have date night every 2 weeks to reach Z by the end of the year. As we've already spent a small fortune on furniture in January already (is is really only the 4th??) I need to think of a date beginning with A that is either free or cheap.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

I wonder how far we'll get before I give up? Probably the letter C............place your bets now.

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  2. Art gallerys there normally free. The Adrenaline quarry or abseiling can be a bit pricey. ;) happy dating xxx

  3. Art museums or galleries are often free or almost (hey, almost starts with A!) free. Give them a shot! What a fun idea.


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