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I'm currently typing this from my living room floor as we currently have no sofa's until tomorrow morning. Husband has gone to Newquay for his works leaving do so I am making the most of my "me time" with a facial (currently sat with my favourite Avene face mask) my skin reacted pretty badly to the wax last week, I had the worst breakout known to man.  I looked like I had severe acne on my lip and chin and literally didn't want to leave the house for about 4 days.  I managed to sort it out with a lot of witchazel and teatree but man that stuff dries your face out so its all about the moisture for me right now.

Moving onto the title of this blogpost (sorry for the ramble).  This morning after we dropped Fletcher to Pre-School we continued with our Alphabet dating journey. The letter B was pretty easy.  We had Breakfast at Baker Tom's which is a little cafe that we have been to a few times before so it was nothing new but we know its great there so thought we would stick with what we know.  It is National Breakfast Week this week and they were giving away free tea and coffee with every breakfast bought, which I thought was a nice little gesture.  We sat right by the fire and it was toasty.  I love the interior of Baker Tom's.  It kind of has an industrial/factory feel to is, which i'm really into and the chairs remind me of old school chairs.  Basically I just love it there and they have the tastiest sausages EVER.

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