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Firstly can I apologise for my make up free face but I wanted to give you the full effect of how brows can totally change your face (and evidently make up in my case!)

I have this thing for eyebrows.........I LOVE THEM! I do however have a problem with growing mine.  I suppose it dates back from about 2001 when it was really cool to pluck your eyebrows within an inch of their life and just leave a tiny little line (what was I thinking!)  I have ordered Rapid Brow from Amazon (it's such a great price on there) in the hope that I can get some bushy brows in my life.  Thankfully Billion Dollar Brows have this rather amazing little tool that helps you get an amazing shape and arch to your brows. Dylan got me the Brow Buddy for Christmas and today I used it to mark out my personal brow shape for my face.

To start the brow buddy needs to be closed shut and holding it just under the nose you mark out where your brows should start using the white pencil that comes with the kit.  You then move the arms out so that they are in line with the outer iris and make another mark (this is where your arch should be).  The arms are then outstretched even further to the outer corner of your eye (this is where your brows should finish). These lines are then joined up and this is YOUR perfect brow shape.  Any hairs that fall outside the lines need to be removed either by plucking or wax.  As I had my brows waxed at college last night I went ahead and started tinting mine.  My tint is from my college kit but you can buy them in Boots or Superdrug.  Clearly I have a lot of growing to do but thankfully its nothing that a little powder can't sort out in the meantime.  I use the dark matte brown from my Maybelline The Nudes palette (top row far right).

I absolutely love the results from using the Brow Buddy, it just makes the shape more precise.

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