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Tuesday was an exciting day, my gel polish arrived which I ordered a couple of weeks ago.  I have been dying to get my hands on the stuff since we did a gel polish session at Beauty School and now I finally have my own little collection.  Don't get me wrong its only a few shades at the moment because gel polish aint cheap but i'm hoping to build up my collection over time and when I get some paying customers I can keep adding to my collection.  Rather annoyingly I couldn't play around with them until today as I had a meal on Tuesday evening and then college last night but I had a go painting just one of my nails today.  Fun stuff!

I kept it simple with my colour choices and selected a couple of pinks (light and bright) a coral, a greige and my lovely friend got me my favourite OPI shade "You Don't Know Jaques" for Christmas (its a beautiful mushroom shade).  I've also decided to get a mix of brands as I don't feel like I need to stay loyal to one particular brand at the moment.  We use OPI gel in college but I've heard great things about Gelish, Shellac and IBD and as long as they all deliver the same results i'm happy.  Only time will tell if I prefer a particular brand.

In other exciting news, my new dining table arrived today.  Its beautiful and glossy and makes my disgusting old chairs look even more hideous now so operation Eames chair has started.  I'm pretty sure I can talk Dylan around. Anyway I must dash, I need to do my online Tesco order and rub a ton of hand cream in my hands because they are SOOOOO dry right now.

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