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I've become obsessed with The White Company Pomegranate fragrance.  I bought the Pomegranate Botanical candle for Christmas along with a little set with 3 smaller candles in (Orange Grove, Cassis and Pomegranate). I went into the store yesterday with the intention to buy either Lime & Bay or Spring to fill my house with the smell of sunshine but I just couldn't help but be completely drawn back to Pomegranate. Don't get me wrong, there was nothing wrong with Lime & Bay or Spring (although hubby wasn't a fan of Spring) and at one point I was walking around with Lime & Bay in my hand heading towards the checkout. But there is just something about the fruity aromatic fragrance that made me reach for Pomegranate once more.  The fruit from the mandarin gives it a fresh scent whilst the amber and patchouli gives off a woody vibe its the perfect combination really.  This lot should keep me going until Spring when I will most probably switch over to Seychelles which really is the perfect sunshine scent Mmmmmmmm coconut and vanilla!!

How do you like to scent your home?

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