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In love with this living area from thatnordicfeeling. 

Its funny how our tastes change.  When we first moved into our current house 9 years ago I was all about oak furniture and beige/cream textiles. I now have white walls throughout my whole house with the occasional grey thrown in for good measure, white and grey textiles and i'm very gradually replacing the oak with white gloss. I definitely lean more towards Nordic/Scandinavian design now, its easy on the eye and minimalist which I can totally get into.  I've gradually been going around my house chucking out all the clutter and things that don't spark joy (thanks to Marie Kondo), there was a point when I had a shelf with absolutely nothing on it. My husband is still a work in progress as he likes to hold onto random crap like phone chargers from his Nokia 3310 but he's definitely getting better at decluttering.

Our new grey sofa's come next week and I cannot wait!  I have a couple of things on my living room wish list currently.
nordic style

nordic style by sunshinesam1983 featuring accent tables

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