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We got a new bed and mattress last week and it is quite possibly the comfiest mattress in the world.  The only problem is it makes getting up in the morning even harder because it is so god damn comfy.  We got the bed frame from Wayfair  and it was a total bargain compaired to some other upholstered bed frames out there.  The only problem is my mattress is so bloody thick that my duvet hardly covers the sides so I may need to buy a king size duvet to counteract this issue but this does mean that I won't be able to use my lovely grid bedding again :-( sad times.

Just want to get rid of those bedside tables now and get some new ones (i'll never be happy).  Day off work tomorrow with my little man.  I can't wait to bake banana loaf with him.

Keep Smiling


  1. Ooo I love this. Black and greys are my favorite.

  2. Looks great! Our tastes always change, so I reckon no one will ever be happy with their house decor for long! Haha!

    Anna - Annas Reflection

  3. So many people do not realize how important having a good night's rest is. Many do not realize that they are sluggish during the day because they are not receiving a high quality of sleep due to the mattress they have. So it is always good to invest in a quality mattress. Thank you for this blog.

    Dylan Lovell @ Mattress Sale Liquidators

  4. The new bed looks great! The cloth headboard in gray works well with the plaid comforter. Along with the pillows, it looks like the bed can blend with any other color in the room. My mattress is similar to yours as it's thicker, and it helps give me a better night's sleep.


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