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DFS Sophia and H&M

All of the above are from H&M.  Sofa is DFS Sophia.

Our new sofa's arrive on Thursday guys!!  I am so freaking excited.  I want to dress it with a nice new blanket/throw but i'm not too sure what to go for.  Maybe a black and white number or a soft grey.  I'm also thinking about throwing a little pastle pink into the mix to soften the look.  We also ordered new dining chairs to go with our new dining table, I'll be pleased to see the back of our god awful current chairs, they are vile. We went for eames style with white legs rather than wood (Husband didn't like the wood)  I just need to convince him that we need some new white interior doors now as our current ones are a minging cheap beech colour.
I had work today and for once it actually wasn't all that bad I then had college this evening where I did a gorgeous gel pedicure on a client.  I was really quite happy with how it turned out.

Tomorrow Maisy is getting a wash, cut and blow dry in prep for the new sofa's - I don't want her messing them up so by the end of this week I should hopefully have new sofas, new chairs and a fresh dog.  New things make me so happy.  So fickle.

Keep Smiling


  1. How did you put the picture together? Did you use an app? Beautiful!

  2. Haha I have that wire basket Sam x


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