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Just a quick one today as I'm about to stick a movie on and crack open the Popcorn.

The new sofas came today but I am yet to take a photo of them (maybe tomorrow guys) they are beautiful and smell so fresh and new.  The pic above is from yesterday when we had no sofas to sit on for the evening haha!

We didn't do a lot today as husband was nursing a hangover but this evening I met up with my girlfriends Amy & Steph and we had a little pamper evening.  I had a back neck and shoulder massage, and oh my god was I knotted!!!  My shoulder's were like one big gigantic tangled up mess but after a lot of manipulation and firm pressure they have released.  I could literally hear the knots popping.  I've just had a nice soak in the bath as recommended by the therapist and drenched myself in a ton of moisturiser.  I plan to relax on my new sofa for the rest of the evening.

Tomorrow i'm off out for birthday celebrations.  Excited for fun times with great friends.

Keep Smiling

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