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Sometimes I wish we could stop time for a little while.  I can't believe my little man will be 4 next month, it's been the fastest 4 years of my life and whilst they have brought me the most worry in my life they have also brought me the most happiness imaginable.  This little human being brings me so much joy and my heart is so full it could explode.

2016 is the year that Fletcher will start school.  He's already attending pre-school which is where the above photo was taken, just look at those little freckles, he gets them from his mother and he's totally gonna hate me for those when he gets older.  Its also the year that I have to let go and trust others to look out for him with regards to his diabetes. This absolutely terrifies me if i'm being totally honest but Fletcher is such a good boy and has been able to tolerate quite a lot of crap.  He's actually my hero!

The last couple of years definitely haven't been the easiest managing his diabetes and having to make some major adjustments to our lives.  There have been times where i've felt like the world is against my family (we've had our fair share of bad luck!) but what doesnt kill you makes you stronger and I have definitely learnt to just roll with the punches in life.

Keep Smiling

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  1. You are such a great mum! Fletcher will do so well at school-- just look at how he aced his preschool photo! Love it!


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