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You know the problem with Instagram , sometimes I get a bit too inspired!! This can often have quite a bad effect on my bank balance.  But on the plus side I will say that I get totally motivated by Instagram. If I can't be arsed to do my work out one day all I need to do is take a look at Kayla Itsines feed and that's all the motivation I need.  Its the same if I see a healthy meal, I want it, if someone has taken their dog to the woods, I want to take Maisy to the woods.  If someones painted their nails fuchsia, well hello I want fuchsia nails.

Recently I've been into following lots of Norwegian interior IG pages.  I really like the simplicity and clean feel of the Nordic style and this has in turn made me rethink my own interior.  I started to look at each room with fresh eyes and realised just how much tat I had lying about the place.  So this weekend I got rid of all of my CD's, DVD's, games and boxed them up for Zapper to collect.  I also re-organised my shelves, threw out all my mismatched picture frames and just generally put stuff out of sight, only leaving the things that I truly loved on display (reading Marie Kondo's book definitely helped with the whole de-cluttering process) I love how clean and simple everything looks now.

We also ordered these new sofas  from DFS this weekend which we have to wait FOREVER for (8 weeks is forever OK) they are grey and beautiful.  And whilst I had Dylan in the spending mood (it doesn't happen often) we then ordered a new mattress as ours is over 8 years old and Dylan has been getting back ache so I'm hoping we all get a good nights sleep once it arrives.  I'm still working on a new dining table and a new bed frame, I think I've almost convinced him :-)

January's expensive isn't it!

Keep Smiling

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