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Photo from our holiday in Greece last year

Sorry there was no blogpost yesterday but sometimes life just gets in the way (or you can't think of anything to write).  The truth is I am trying to suck up every last minute of my husband living with me, don't worry we're not getting divorced......as of tomorrow he is being posted back to Brize Norton.  

Dylan and I have been together for 14 years next month. The first 10 years he was based away, a lot of the time only coming home at weekends, everyone said it wouldn't work, but somehow we made it work! Finally in November 2012 he was posted to Cornwall, you know, the place where we both actually own a home and he got to live in it 7 days a week for just over 3 years and it was all kinds of wonderful.

So it's onto the next chapter now.  It does mean I need to get my shit together and get my life organised as I can't rely on Dylan to take my chicken out of the freezer or pick up some milk on the way home or check Fletcher's blood sugars whilst i'm getting dinner ready, I need to do all of these things myself.  So from now on it's early nights and early mornings, meal planning, diary keeping and routines. Wish me luck!!!

Keep Smiling

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  1. Your super mum, you will be absolutely fine :) xxxx


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