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January is over and all thoughts have now turned to Valentines Day. I personally am a massive fan of Valentine's Day. I know it's not for everybody and that you should show your significant other love and affection throughout the year rather than just on one day (which I do) but I have to admit I am a sucker for all that commercial stuff. Sorry!

I'm planning on making the most of Valentine's Day this year (let's forget last year hey) I'm expecting to be wined and dined by husband and showered with gifts.....fingers crossed I actually get a card this year!!

Jewellery is always a winner in my books when it comes to gift giving.  I was recently contacted by a rather lovely jewellery brand called Gemporia who create the most beautiful jewellery. They only use genuine gemstones and precious metals. These gemstones are very often found in developing communities and for this reason Gemporia created an independent charity called The Colourful Life to ensure they support projects and people in the developing countries that their gemstones come from - How awesome is that!!!

Upon browsing their website I was rather overwhelmed with how beautiful all the jewellery looked. There is a great selection with something for everyone. I loved the classic simplicity of the Freshwater Pearl and White Topaz necklace* (Topaz is my Birthstone) but also fell in love with the bold coloured Sar-I-Sang Aryonna Ring ,this has definitely gone on my wish list!

The necklace is beautifully made with a very strong sterling chain. I love that it has the white topaz detail and also the little pearl at the end of the clasp. It's very dainty and delicate (quite like myself haha) What really stands out for me though is their ethical approach to business and their involvement with charities.

If it's jewellery your after this Valentine's Day (or any other day for that matter) direct your significant other (or yourself) to Gemporia, you'll definitely be spoilt for choice.  Here are a few of my top picks.

Gemporia Love

Gemporia Love by sunshinesam1983 on Polyvore

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