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If you're looking for the perfect pink/nude lip colour combo I've found it, or should I say Charlotte Tilbury has found it.  I was very lucky to receive the Luscious Lip Slick set in Bitch Perfect for Mother's Day from Fletcher.........I may have sent the link to his daddy ;-)

The set comes with a lip liner in the shade Pink Venus and lipstick in the shade Bitch Perfect. I imagine its the sort of shade that would suit any skintone and it claims to have a tooth whitening effect, which I genuinely believe to be true.  The lipliner suits the lipstick shade perectly, the pencil is very soft making application simple and precise. The lipstick glides on beautifully and is the most gorgeous creamy consistency.  I blotted the first coat with tissue before applying a second coat and the end result is gorgeous creamy pinky/nude hue which I am all over!  Also how beautiful is the rose gold packaging - STUNNING!

Only problem now is I want more.......hmmmmm which shade to get next?

Keep Smiling

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  1. Obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks. This is just yet another to add to the list!


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