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You may remember the lovely pearl necklace that I shared with you all on here a couple of weeks ago, it has stayed firmly around my neck ever since.  And now the geniuses behind Gemporia* are launching "The Diamond Room" on 4th March which will revolutionise the way we shop online.  Offering beautiful pieces of jewellery at a very competitive price.

Virtually In Store Retailing (VIStailing) is designed to give the customer a bespoke shopping experience, offering a fully interactive service using live video chat. The customer simply accesses The Diamond Room via the Gemporia site where there will be team of diamond experts to discuss and demonstrate products with you in real time offering a personal shopping experience from the comfort of your home. I mean how neat is that, it's perfect if you are after a specific piece of jewellery or need some help with the perfect engagement ring. The experts can also offer advice and answer any questions you may have whilst showcasing the piece of jewellery rather than relying on cut-out and model imagery which lets face it never gives you a true idea of what the piece genuinely looks like.

The Diamond Experts are available in The Diamond Room from 1pm-1am 7 days a week and it launches this week on Friday 4th March. So go check it out here!!

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  2. It is indeed a beautiful collection. I especially love the diamond necklace. It is marvelous.


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