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I'm no stranger when it comes fitness, I bust out at least 3 workouts a week so it may come as a shock to you to hear that I have never in my entire life tried a protein shake......NEVER LIKE EVER!  Well that was until today when I tried the Blueberry Sports Slender Shake*.  It comes in a sealed drinks bottle with the correct amount of protein powder already measured out so all you have to do is fill it up with water to the level on the side of bottle, put the lid back on, shake it like a Polaroid picture and then drink it. EASY.  They come in 3 flavours - Strawberry/Chocolate/Vanilla.  I went for Vanilla.

Now I have to be totally honest I wasn't loving the smell of this when I took the lid off but from what I've heard all protein shakes tend to pong a little.  Once I had got past this I took my first swig and do you know what, it was pretty darn delicious, kinda like vanilla milkshake.  I almost feel like the chocolate one would be more my thing so I think i'll try that one next time.

I drank mine after my workout but you can use them as meal replacement too, I like eating far too much to do that though :-)  

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