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It has become apparent that I pretty much live in trainers these days, unless i'm at work then its either brogues or loafers.  In fact i'm struggling to remember the last time I actually wore a pair of heels.  I mean I do love heels but I only ever really wear them on a night out (which also isn't very often!) I do think that fashion and style in Cornwall is much more laid back than other areas of the UK though anyway.  

I bought this gorgeous jumper from Topshop a couple of weeks ago.  I know it may seem a bit daft buying a jumper when summer is just around the corner but you guys its bloody freezing.  I mean my heating is still very much ON . I always make the same mistake every year where I buy all these lovely tiny tops and end up wearing them on the 3 days that the sun comes out and that's it. So this year i'm stocking up on knitwear instead :-)

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