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Hat-Old H&M (similar)//Top-ASOS//Vest-old H&M//Jeans-Hollister//Uggs//Nail Polish-OPI Rich Girls & Po Boys

Ladies and gentl....... (lets get real, no men are reading this!) I present to you my favourite knit of the moment.  Its a little bit pink a little bit nude so basically its PUDE.  The funny thing is I always avoided the nude colour when it came to clothes previously, thinking it looked too much like naked skin and it never really does a lot for ones complexion BUT because this top has that slight pink undertone it, it just makes it more wearable and less of a wash out!

It was back to work for me today after having just over a week off, I was dreading it but it was actually pretty manageable (how the hell did that happen) I had dinner at my parents house this evening with my family which is always such a laugh (I love them all to pieces) and tonight its an evening of PLL on Netflix.

I hope you all had a productive Monday, if  you didn't there's always tomorrow ;-)

Keep Smiling


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  2. I'm on episode 17 and loving it. Jenna is well dodgy.Why did i never watch this programme before.


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