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I always hated Sunday's growing up.  I think just knowing that you have to back to school the next day puts a downer on the day.  As I've grown up they have gradually become better.  Don't get me wrong I still have that "back to work" feeling but theres lots of other lovely things about Sundays.  For example:
  • Its my rest day - no workouts yay
  • We have croissants for breakfast
  • It's my lie in day (if husband is home)
  • Fresh bed sheets
  • I wash my hair (monumental moment)
  • Roast dinner at my parents house
  • Quality time with Fletcher
The last one on that list is the most important to me and as I had college on Saturday this weekend it meant that I literally only had Sunday to have fun with my son.  

I woke up on Sunday morning with no set plans, looked out the window, looked over to Fletch and said to him "lets go to the beach" well his face lit up and he demanded that we had icecream!  So I did us a packed lunch and we headed to Chapel Porth in St Agnes for a picnic on the beach.  It was a beautiful day and on the way there Fletcher told me I was number one (which is way better than when he called me a number two). The views at Wheal Coates are absolutely breathtaking and I just had the nicest day ever, just me and my boy.  We also managed to have time to plant our sunflower seeds (check out my sweet peas too) and also take the dog for a walk whilst Fletch rode his scooter so we had a really productive day. We finished the day off with roast dinner at my parents house with all the family (oh and I washed my hair and went to bed in my fresh sheets).

I hope you all had wonderful weekends.
Keep Smiling


  1. Sam the photography on this post is beautiful :). I've been reading your blog for years, I remember even before you were pregnant reading. I've never commented but I've been trying to be more interactive and get more engaged with bloggers, instead of reading everything and never letting anyone know how much I appreciate their blog. I hope you too had a wonderful weekend :) X

    Words By Katie

  2. Hi Sam, hope you dont mind me asking. Where did you get your light box from? I am looking at getting one as think they are fab but there are so many out there with what seems varying qualities. Are you pleased with the quality of yours? I love to read your blog. Many Thanks Claire


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