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On Friday 17th June 2016 Dylan and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary.  Its something i'm pretty proud of, I mean marriages last about 2 minutes nowadays and ours has been way over 5,259,600 minutes (yeah I googled it).

We celebrated by having a little mini break in and around Oxfordshire as Dylan is based at RAF Brize Norton.  Fletcher came with us as unfortunately I can't switch his diabetes off and someone has to change his cannula every 3 days. Really wish they would hurry up with that cure that they keep talking about.

Now the thing about travelling and celebrating with your offspring in tow is that you don't generally end up doing anything that you want to do, you kind of plan things that your child will love, which i'm perfectly fine with (although it would have been nice to have spent some more time in Anthropoligie without a whingy child).  

We spent Thursday night in a house on base which basically had a park as a back garden - #winner.  Fletch was up in the night for an hour because his nose was blocked and he couldn't sleep, so that was fun times.  

Friday morning we headed into Bath for a wander.  I love Bath, it's such a pretty city with all the limestone buildings.  We went in a couple of shops, watched a guy making enormous bubbles and then walked to the Royal Cresent because I like looking at pretty houses that I could never afford.  We then made our way to Timbrells Yard in Bradford-On-Avon.  It absolutely chucked it down when we arrived, thunder and lightening and everything and we all got soaked through to our pants! Which was quite annoying as I had spent time curling my hair in the morning only to resemble a drowned rat by the evening. We enjoyed a lovely meal at Sebastian's Bistro  that evening and then got an early night.

Saturday we got up, had breakfast and headed straight to Longleat Safari Park. The last time we went was back in 2009 so it was nice to go back. We avoided the monkey enclosure because we saw the damage they did to everyones cars. Fletcher fed a giraffe, held a snake and a tarantula, that boy is fearless. That evening we then made our way to Swindon for our last hotel stop The Marriott we had dinner at Prezzo (because they do great kids meals) and then went back to the hotel for a couple of games of Ludo. At this point I was hit pretty hard with a cold and was starting to feel like rubbish. 

Sunday was our last day.  We went to the outlet centre in Swindon for an hour or so and then made our way back to base where Dylan showed us around a Hercules, Fletcher was pretty impressed (I was too actually) and then I had the long 4 hour journey back home to Cornwall.

It was a wonderful weekend, filled with love and quality family time and I felt like I had a really good break from it all. I'm absolutely exhausted now though and cannot wait for this cold to do one!

Keep Smiling



  1. Aw this post is so precious. So many congratulations to you both!! I've been reading your blog ever since you first got pregnant & it's honestly still one of my favourites. It's so precious following your family life, I'm so glad you're sharing it. :)

    Katie // wordsbykatie.com

  2. Congratulations! What an achievement. Seems like you had a great weekend, except for that pesky cold! Feel better soon :)


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