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It dawned on me recently that our holiday to Gran Canaria is next month.........eek!  I've been slowly adding little bits to my holiday wardrobe and have been getting my body ready to get back into my Triangl bikini.

1.  SKINNY COFFEE CLUB- I've been drinking this now for over a month and you guys it is soooo nice.  Never have I ever drank my coffee black but Skinny Coffee Club state that this is the best way to drink it, so thats what i've been doing and I am really enjoying it.  I've also been enjoying the benefits of drinking it, I suffer from afternoon bloat and this has helped significantly.

2.  VITA DROPS - I've been adding this to my water every day.  It claims to help promote the bodies natural ability to burn fat and consume more calories which quite frankly I am all over. Anything that helps burn fat is a winner in my books.

3. COCONUT QUENCH - Been popping one of these every morning to help with my ridiculously dehydrated skin.  Getting old sucks, I have some rather impressive crows feet, forehead lines and laughter lines, but then it could be worse I could have frown lines and look miserable all the time.  At least my wrinkles are happy wrinkles :-)

4. CLEAN EATING - I've always been a firm believer of eating healthy Mon-Fri and having a few treats at the weekend without overindulging.  Sometimes eating clean can be a little boring and bland but I cooked the Chinese Stir Fry from Madeleine Shaw's website yesterday and it was bloomin marvelous. I think I may need to purchase her books for more health meal inspiration.

5.  CLOTHING - Well it wouldn't be a holiday without some new clothing would it.  My wardrobe was very lacking in dresses so I picked up a few of those, 3 out of the 4 being off the shoulder numbers. I knew I wanted a nice maxi dress this year and this one was just what I was looking for.

6. SANDALS - I saw these on Tanya Burr's blog and immediately followed the link to purchase them. They are beautiful, real leather and the tan colour will go with so much.

7. HANDBAG - How gorgeous and bright is this bag from Karen Millen. A perfect punch of colour for summer and the smell of the leather is divine.

8. ANKLET - I'm not sure what even made me purchase this but I am so glad I did because as soon as i put it on it I loved it.  It's so beachy and you all know how much I love a beach!

I still want to get a couple of bits (i'm never satisfied) I've got my eye on these shorts from Topshop, Becca highlighter, a new pair of Raybans, some Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray, this gorgeous Hammam towel from Chalk Bay and a good exfoliator (I've heard good things about this one from The Body Shop)

How do you prep summer?

Keep Smiling

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