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I never realised how patient I was until I became a mother.  If I could give any advice on raising a child, patience would be it! 

Yesterday morning Fletcher and I had an appointment with the dentist.  We got to the dentists nice and early, I read 4 books to Fletcher and the rest of the waiting room, which felt kinda weird, whilst we waited for our name to be called.  Literally 2 minutes before we were called in Fletcher announced that he felt hypo, a quick finger prick test confirmed this so there I am sat in the waiting room at the dental practice taking out a bag of Haribo and giving them to my 4 year old son........perfect timing.  

After our appointment I thought I would quickly nip into town as I wanted to go into Topshop and also needed to pop into Boots for deodorant and eye cream.  So now I'm in Topshop changing rooms in my bra and pants and Fletcher pipes up "mummy i've got some bad news" "I need a poo" So I quickly got changed, hid the clothes that I wanted to purchase (I didn't want anyone else getting their mitts on them) and went to one of my favourite places....the public toilets, where Fletcher then decided he wanted to count every single one of the stairs that we walked up (there were 16 btw) and then once in the cubicle announced to the world that his poo was taking a long time to come out and then asked if I had had a poo yet today? I decided it was best not to answer, no one needs to hear about my bowel activity. Cheers for that! We finished up and then had to count the stairs on the way down too (14 on the way down?)

I had parked in an hour bay so when I had been there for 55 minutes I thought I better wrap this up and get back to the car before I get a ticket only for Fletcher to then say those 3 dreaded words again "I Feel Hypo" and low and behold he was so we then had to abandon walking back to the car because his legs turn to jelly when he's hypo and he can't walk.  We finally got back to the car 15 minutes later thankfully with no ticket.......phew!

I reckon I could have shaved off at least 30 minutes of this time had I gone into town on my own but then on the other hand I wouldn't have had my singing partner in the car and I wouldn't have experienced the ultimate test of patience would I.

(have YOU had a poo today?)
Keep Smiling

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  1. Patience is not simply the ability to wait it's how we behave while we're waiting. See the link below for more info.



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