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The other week we took a little drive down to somewhere i've never been before...........Porthcurnick beach.  I woke that morning with the idea of having lunch on the beach so quickly went to the place where I go for everything (GOOGLE) and googled beach cafes in Cornwall.  Now, living in Cornwall means we have quite a good little selection of beach cafes, most of which I have already frequented, I mean i've lost count how many times i've been to Gylly Cafe so I wanted to try something new and I came across The Hidden Hut.  

Its short its a beach cafe on a cliffs edge overlooking Porthcurnick beach, its cute, rustic and had the most amazing selection of fresh cakes.  Everything is cooked on an outdoor makeshift kitchen and its all kept very simple. It really is a lovely little unique place to eat and the red pepper houmous was delicious. I would love to go back to one of their evening events some day.

After our spot of lunch made our way down to the beach where we made sandcastles and I stood at the waters edge for quite some time just listening to the waves breaking.  On our way back to the car a bride and groom pulled up in a VW wedding van, it was beautiful and made me wish I had one at our wedding (10 years ago!).

I love exploring this little place I call home.  Cornwall really is the best!

Keep Smiling

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