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I'm currently typing this from the airplane. I've been up since 1:20am I've had about 2 hours sleep and my eyes feel like they are coated in acid. I'm so tired!! But......we are on our way to Gran Canaria so you know, life could be worse. 

Flying is so stressful with a diabetic though. All of Fletchers hand luggage is medicine, needles and infusion kits!! He has to be scanned every time he goes through departures because of his insulin pump and all the excitement of going on holiday does crazy things to his blood sugar levels. But it's all worth it in the end and oh my word has he been excited about this holiday, we all have actually. 

Departures was so slow today that we didn't even have time to do any duty free shopping, I suppose that's a good thing though really, I mean I don't really need another foundation or lipstick, but I deliberately didn't put perfume on this morning so that I could abuse the perfume counter so I'm pretty sad about that. 

Entertaining kids is always fun on a plane too isn't it, thank god for iPads. The lady in the seat in front of Fletch has already asked us if he can stop kicking her chair (my bad). Fletch always struggles with his ears on flights and within 20 minutes of being up in the air he asked if daddy could land the plane now, I don't think he realises that Dylan isn't a pilot and is in fact an aircraft engineer. Oh and I've just paid £2.70 for a disgusting cup of coffee. But then what do you expect, I am flying with RyanAir. One day I will experience the luxury of first class on a Virgin flight, I mean you get your own bed goddamnit, oh what I'd give for a little nap right now. 

Are we nearly there yet?

Keep Smiling

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