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Well we've been back for a week so I thought maybe its about time I shared some of my photos and memories of our family holiday to Gran Canaria.

We stayed in a gorgeous 5 star design hotel called Seaside Palm Beach in Maspalomas which we booked via Travel Republic.  It was very luxurious (think champagne breakfast every morning!) and the interior design was just so retro I loved every aspect of it.

This was our first time travelling to Gran Canaria and I'm so glad we chose Maspalomas, it's such a beautiful area. The grounds of the hotel were beautiful, there were palm trees everywhere and it was impeccably clean. The food was amazing too.  We kinda started this tradition of having a bottle of Actimel every morning at breakfast and I have continued this since coming home.

On arrival we were sent up to our room and greeted with a bottle of bubbly and strawberries as we had explained that we booked the holiday to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary.  It was such a nice touch and we enjoyed them on our balcony whilst reading our books. Unfortunately on our first night Fletcher came down with the cough from hell.  We were up ALL NIGHT! baring in mind we had been up since 2am the following day.  Its safe to say we were tired. It played havoc with his diabetes and I couldn't fully relax until his blood sugar levels were back to normal.  After a bumpy start things started to settle and I can honestly say that It was such a relaxing holiday.  I came home feeling rejuvinated.  We went to bed early every night, I think I must has slept 9-10 hours every night! I got some much needed vitamin D, I wore factor 50 on my face every day and didn't get sunburnt once! I read a whole book and just felt like I really recharged my batteries. 

Fletcher absolutely loved the pool.  He spent about 5 hours solid in there every day and his swimming and confidence in the water has improved so much.  We've already taken him swimming since we've been home and hope to take him every week throughout the summer holidays.

Where can we go on holiday next.  Its a big birthday for Dylan next July so it would be nice to go away for that.

p.s. holiday outfit photos to follow soon
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