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Shirt - ASOS // Trousers-Topshop // Converse

Its been a while since I did an outfit post hasn't it? Its the perfect thing to post about when you don't have a lot to say, which I really don't by the way.

I feel like summer is slipping away now, the evenings are already getting darker so much earlier, I haven't been able to cut my grass all week because of the rain, it actually felt a bit Autumnal yesterday and I even found myself humming Christmas tunes too (the Leona Lewis one, if you must know). I feel like I just need one last burst of summer, just for like a week will be fine and then I can move on to Autumn no probs (i'm all about the scarves anyway!)

Last week I went on a crazy decluttering mission, it felt great to get rid of so much stuff. Next I want to start on my kitchen cupboards. I feel like i'm finally getting my shit together. Getting bags packed the night before, checking the weather so I can lie in bed and figure out my outfit for the following day, getting to bed early, reading every night, I've actually been feeling pretty good about life recently.

Im off to Brize on Thursday as Dylan is going to Scotland for 3 weeks with the RAF so me and Fletch are driving up to base and spending a few days up there. We haven't told him yet but we've arranged a sneaky little trip to Legoland - he is gonna pee his pants!

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