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I always said I would never be that mum that let their child run around the beach naked.........Im such a hypocrite. Last week I was totally THAT mum.

My mum, dad and I went to Gwithian beach just for an hour (the beach I visit the most out of our huge selection in Cornwall, its my fave) and we weren't expecting it to be quite so warm so didn't bring swimmers or even a towel but Fletch was desperate to get in the sea so we let him go in his pants.  He thought it was brilliant and when he got them wet we just took them off as its such a quiet beach anyway and he ran around naked for a good 10 minutes before I couldn't handle the nakedness any longer and put his top back on to protect his modesty.

But honestly he had the time of his life, just proving again that the best things in life really are free. I hope I'm creating the best memories for his childhood just as my parents did, I hope he will look back at these times in his life with fond memories.......... I know I will

Keep Smiling

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