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Lady Garden Top - Topshop // Jeans - Hollister // Shoes - old H&M (similar)

I had to have ANOTHER smear last week.  Rather annoyingly they didn't get enough cells from my cervix last time so I got called in for another.  Its one of those unpleasant experiences that every woman has to go through at some point in their life but however awkward and embarrassed it makes you feel it really is so essential.

Im not shy or prudish and to be honest I don't really get embarrassed at all about having a smear (I think after you've gone through childbirth you generally just don't care who see's your lady garden!) I tend to get myself more worked up about the results.....i'm a compulsive worrier.

Anyway when I saw that Topshop had released a new batch of the Lady Garden tops to raise awareness and support the Gynaecological Cancer Fund I just had to get one. Its such an important topic that women shouldn't be embarrassed or afraid to talk about.......silent no more.

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