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1. Fresh new sparkly nails (OPI You Don't Know Jaques) 2. Bubble Bath and Youtube 3. A lie in and being woken by my little monkey 4. Starting my new book, already loving it
5. New Hair. About 3 inches shorter and blunt

Ahhhhh Monday.....we meet again! Although for once I'm actually pretty happy to be starting a new week after the nightmare week I had last week with Fletcher. I have to say though, looking back on how I felt this time last week to how I currently feel is just such a contrast. Its amazing how all consumed you get in that moment of fear and panic and you forget that you will actually feel normal again, pretty much like I do right now, apart from the odd wobble every now and then, but i'll take that any day.

The good news is i'm eating again. I completely lose my appetite when I'm anxious to the point where I was living off 1 packet of crisps every day for about 5 days. Hasten to add I lost half a stone in under a week which I'm working on putting back on this week (i'm sure it won't take long....give me all the pizza)

You may remember I set myself 5 little things to do over the weekend to perk myself up. Well I just wanted to say that this really helped me and I successfully managed all 5 (hence the above pictures). I actually think I might start doing this every week, just 5 small things to look forward to because it really is the little things in life that matter.

Keep Smiling

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