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Photos from last weekend at Tehidy Woods 

So I've decided i'm going to blog every day up until Christmas this year. I absolutely love it when my favourite YouTubers do Vlogmas but as i'm not all that comfortable in front of a camera (I feel much safer behind my keyboard) I thought I would bring you a little bit of my day every day via the blog.

It's safe to say I had a pretty rubbish November. I think out of the whole month my birthday (the 18th) was the only day that I didn't feel any kind of anxiety, apart from that I just felt constantly anxious about how I was managing Fletcher's diabetes and I also felt that I was failing as a parent. Managing diabetes is exhausting at times and we really hit a bump in November with lots of low bloods followed by lots of high bloods and also ketones (nasty acid in the body) it really took its toll on me and I let it effect me far too much. I stopped eating and lived off about 4 hours sleep every night and then ended up passing out last Monday morning! I hit a real low last week whilst Dylan was working away and just broke down in tears on Saturday morning. I think I was so focused on looking after Fletcher that I forgot to look after myself.  My "super" mum came to the rescue and picked up all the pieces and put me back together. I can't thank her enough.

I definitely feel like i've turned a corner these last few days though, i'm being kind to myself, taking each day as it comes and am excited for what December has in store.

Today I got up after having a lie in, put on my Christmas jumper, had breakfast at Baker Toms and then took a little trip to Penzance and Marazion as the weather was so beautiful. If you know Cornwall at all you will have heard about St Michaels Mount. Its a small Island in Marazion with a castle on it which you can walk out to when the tide is out (or catch a boat if the tide is in). We didn't walk out to the castle, we did however sit on the beach with hot chocolates just enjoying the December sun beating down on us and watching the world go by. The beach is definitely my happy place and I love visiting the beach whatever the weather. It was just what I needed and it definitely blew the cobwebs away. Right now though i'm watching Home Alone with a cup of Horlicks and a Maltesers cookie.  Life is good.

Keep Smiling

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